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Home Alliance Academy - is an online academy
of professions in the home services,
with guaranteed employment.

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We offer you


High-quality knowledge and practical skills


Employment opportunities in the United States for successful graduates


Provision of scholarships and grants


Relocation assistance, cultural adaptation, and accommodation in the United States

The Home Alliance Academy provides you with high-quality knowledge and practical skills for you to adapt easily at the new job market and master the in-demand profession in the home services field.

After your study, you will be able to work as follows:


HVAC specialist

Home appliances technician

Air Duct Cleaning technician



HVAC specialist

Home appliances technician

Air Duct Cleaning technician



Our goal is your employment and success in this field.
We help our students with employment and are happy
to invite the successful graduates to work. During the training, you will get
all the knowledge necessary to work in our company


We have been teaching since 2018 and use
the most advanced techniques and methods
in the learning process. The training
is multi-level and as close as possible
to the realities of the profession.
Practical tasks reflect the essence
of the profession.

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You will be provided with a mentor

Throughout your learning process, you will be supported by our mentor to help you and answer all your questions. With such a mentor, you will be able to deal quickly with all the problems that would take weeks to resolve otherwise. Working with a mentor doubles the speed and quality of your learning

Success stories of our graduates

Success stories of our graduates

People trained



Our graduates
earn per year

By studying at Home Alliance Academy, you will get:



The unique place where you can gain both theory and practical hands-on experience. Here you will be able to learn a profession bringing a higher salary in a relatively short time.



The library of our Academy contains the materials that will help you to address smoothly the customer's problems with real orders.


Professional development

You will gain enough experience in this field to start working with our company and earn money from the first days of employment.



Flexible working hours and earnings entirely depending on you.

Our courses

Our program is unique and unparalleled in the market. It is comprehensive and informative, and still easy
for understanding, since the knowledge is provided gradually: starting from the basics to the advanced tools


Secrets of customer service

We will share practical secrets how to succeed in this path. In this course, we reveal the secrets of how to become successful in this field and tell you how to gain quickly the necessary skills and earn good money in the United States. We will teach the sales process, how to work with the customer in order to complete the job at the highest level, for the customer to submit the best reviews about you – 8 longed-for steps in selling, rules to engage the customer, working with the customer's objections, and much more.

  • The Leader's Path
  • Secrets of customer service
  • How to assure the comfort
    for the customer
  • The customer is always right
  • Expert in sales
  • The whole truth on funding
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Home appliances repair

In this course, the students of our Academy will learn how to repair washing machines and drying appliances, refrigerators, freezers, wall and cooking ovens, and dish washing machines.

  • The basics on home appliance repair
  • The basic on refrigerating home appliances repair
  • The basic on electric wall and cooking ovens repair
  • The basic on refrigerating home washing machines repair
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After each module, you will have tests, exams and practical tasks for mastering the material. The most important thing is that you will be able to purchase an access to our library, which can help you in equipment repair at any level of complexity of the order. An access to all diagrams and manuals, as well as to the books for additional reading.

After six months of practical training, you will be able to use effectively all the tools and see the results of your activity represented by the income and moral satisfaction from your profession.

Admission conditions

No specialized knowledge is required for admission to the Home Alliance Academy. All you need is knowledge
of Russian and English, and desire to learn and grow. During the training, you will be able to master the profession from the scratch.
You can subscribe to our courses intended for 3-6-12 months. By subscription for 6 months course or more, you get an access
to the library automatically.

Terms and conditions

Attention, please! By confirming your subscription, you allow Home Alliance Academy to charge your card for this payment and future payments in accordance with their TERMS & PRIVACY POLICY


  • 20+ video lessons
  • 20+ handouts
  • Testing your knowledge
  • 1 month of subscription


  • 100+ video lessons
  • 150+ handouts
  • Access to the library with guidelines and manuals
  • Access to «Troubleshooting & Testing» videos
  • 3 months of subscription


  • 10+ video lessons
  • 10+ handouts
  • Testing your knowledge
  • Full access to one module

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